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Director Producer Writer



work experience

Spitshine Flicks Productions

2005 - present

Founded the company in 2005 to write, develop, produce and direct original filmed entertainment for TV, Cinema and the Web. Films have screened at the Cannes Int'l Film Festival (2013), Hoboken Int'l Film Festival (2014), Toronto Indie Film Festival (2015), Tokyo Canada's Showcase Festival (2012), as well as on PBS New York Channel 13 (2011), among others.


Vancouver Short Film Festival

2013 - present

Programming Director of the VSFF and, with the Festival Director, make the official selections and program categories.


Raindance International Filmmakers Society

2011 - 2013

Founder / Vancouver Regional Director for the London UK-based, non-profit educational and supporting organization for independent filmmakers.


Institute for International Film Fianancing

2011 - 2013

Hosted and moderated the Vancouver IIFF's monthly panels of film and media experts for the San Francisco based organization.

Various TV Animation Studios

2000 - 2007

Worked in various positions in the animation production pipeline, including storyboard artist, 2D and 3D animator, Flash Builder, Color Artist and Editor, at various studios:

Atomic Cartoons Inc, Vancouver, Canada
Big Bad Boo Studios, Vancouver, Canada
AKA Cartoons Inc, Vancouver, Canada
Ren Zun Guan Gao, Beijing, China
Frames Productions Sdn Bhd - KL, Malaysia



Langara College


Completed the Film Arts / Studio 58 program for film directing and production.


Capilano University

2003 - 2006

Completed the 2-year Commercial Animation program.
Partially completed the Studio Arts (Fine Arts) program.


Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts)

2002 - 2003

Completed the 2D Classical Animation program.



Randy Becker's Indie Producers Bootcamp


NexTV Entertainment 's "Financed to Finished" Indie Producers Bootcamp with Randy Becker and Richard Guay. Ten week conference call intensive workshop with hands-on exercises.

Alex Buono's Visual Storytelling 2


MZed Education for Creatives. Live staging and filming of various settings, including a PMP driving scene. Practice camera movement with new technologies.
Case studies in Production Design.


Vincent Laforet's Directing Motion


MZed Education for Creatives. Live staging and filming of foot-chase action scenes. Hands-on practice with new technologies. Breakdown study of classic films' camera styles.


Stacey Parks's The Producer Incubator Lab

2012, 2014

A program from FilmSpecific.com. Webinars, discussions and case studies, with hands-on support in the subjects of film packaging, pre-sales, DIY distribution, sales and marketing.

Dov Simens / Syd Field Masterclass


Case studies and anecdotal advice for producing commercially viable films on a low to micro budget level. Followed by a screenwriting class and personal advice by Syd Field.

Jon Reiss's TOTBO Workshop


Think Outside the Box Office writer Jon Reiss provides insight into digital and DIY distribution and guerrilla film marketing methods.

Jeff Gomez's CBW Workshop


Creating Blockbuster Worlds is a touring workshop given by Starlight Media's Jeff Gomez, a prominent innovator in transmedia storytelling IP marketing.


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